ScanRightRx™ Corrective Action Analysis

Sample ScanRightRx™ Corrective Action Report

ScanRightRx™ Reports complement Barcode Graphics’ ScanRight™ Compliance Certificates service. ScanRightRx™ Reports assists design, printing, pre-media and manufacturing firms by not only diagnosing barcode problems, but also prescribing detailed corrective action for most barcode problems. ScanRightRx™ Reports include detailed written analysis identifying each of the barcode’s problems, a micrograph illustration of the barcode tested, and ISO/ANSI Barcode Verifier analysis (showing the Reflectance Profile of the scanners view of the barcode).

This service complements Barcode Graphics’ existing line of barcode EPS/PDF barcode masters, barcoded labels, verifiers, scanners and consulting services.

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