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Our Nutrifacts Graphics division offers U.S. and Canadian Nutrition Facts Labelgraphics, in both old and new formats, as well as other associated services (Canadian Available Display Surface, Canadian Package Review, Canadian Ingredient Declarations, Consulting Questions, etc).

With this service manufacturers, consultants, designers, and pre-press operations generate all Nutrition Facts formats detailed in U.S. 21 CFR section 101.9 (both old and new), and the Canadian Food and Drug Regulations (both old and new).

This service performs all calculations necessary (scale to serving size, rounding per regulation, and display to appropriate significant digits), and instantly provides print-ready Nutrition Facts Label graphics in EPS, BMP and PDF file formats.    The system also cross-checks dependancies to prevent typo errors (Calories vs. Atwater 9-4-4, Total Fats vs. constituent fats, Total Carbs vs. constituent carbs, etc).

Nutrition data can be input from lab analysis, quasi-lab nutrition database values (e.g. Genesis™), or using pre-calculated panel/table values.  If lab data is supplied this system also supplies the nutrient content claims that may be made on the packaging.

Users of our service find that it is a great way to cut costs, speed design time, determine actual panel/table size, determine claims, guarantee compliance to regulations, and eliminate human-error.    Manufacturers can use our server’s database to store/manage nutrient information and update Nutrition Facts graphics, inexpensively and in a timely manner.

These services complements Barcode Graphics’ other services: Nutrition Facts & barcode stickers, EPS/PDF barcode masters, barcode consulting services, software and equipment.

Nutrition Facts Labels

In the ever-evolving food industry, presenting accurate and compliant Nutrition Facts Labels is not just a regulatory requirement—it’s a commitment to consumer health and informed choice. Barcode Graphics specializes in delivering professional Nutrition Facts Label services, ensuring your products not only meet but exceed industry standards.

Expertise in Nutritional Analysis Our seasoned team of nutritional experts utilizes state-of-the-art software and a comprehensive database to analyze your product’s ingredients and provide precise nutritional content information. This detailed analysis is the cornerstone for creating Nutrition Facts Labels that reflect your product’s true nutritional value.

Compliance Guaranteed Barcode Graphics stays abreast of the latest FDA guidelines to safeguard your labels are fully compliant. With our meticulous approach, we navigate the complexities of nutritional regulations, ensuring your labels adhere to current legal requirements, including serving sizes, nutrient declarations, and daily values.

Customized Nutrition Facts Labels Understanding that each product is unique, we offer customized Nutrition Facts Labels that align with your brand’s image while maintaining clarity and readability. Our design team works collaboratively with you to incorporate the Nutrition Facts Label seamlessly into your product packaging, enhancing both aesthetics and consumer trust.

Rapid Turnaround Time Time is of the essence in the marketplace. Barcode Graphics prides itself on a swift turnaround, providing you with ready-to-print Nutrition Facts Labels quickly, without compromising accuracy or compliance.

End-to-End Support From initial consultation to final label production, Barcode Graphics offers end-to-end support. We understand the nuances of Nutrition Facts Label requirements and work diligently to ensure that your labels are not only compliant but also serve as a clear, honest representation of your product.

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