Canada Customs Barcode Labels (B3, Cargo, PARS)

Sample US Customs barcode labels (PAPS labels)

At Barcode Graphics we supply “Canada Customs” labels as part of our barcode label service. This service is designed to offer high-grade, sequentially barcoded, sets of labels for cargo code and customs code users (e.g. couriers, truckers, and customs brokers) at low cost. Barcode Graphics’ label service provides rapid response (2-3 day turnaround, 1 day RUSH service) and courier delivery anywhere in North America.

These B3 labels are approved by Canada Customs, produced in compliance to specifications and verified before being shipped (achieving ISO/ANSI ‘A’ grade). Barcode Graphics’ B3 labels are produced using high resolution thermal transfer printers. Only superior quality label stock and ribbons are used, they will not smudge or smear (some low quality labels do). B3 labels are sized to fit Canada Customs forms and are available in roll or strip form.

This service complements Barcode Graphics’ existing line of barcode EPS/PDF barcode masters, barcoded labels, verifiers, scanners and consulting services.

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