Canada Customs Barcode Labels (PARS Labels, PAPS Labels, B3, Cargo)

Sample US Customs barcode labels (PAPS labels)

In addition to PARS and PAPS labels at Barcode Graphics we provide “Canadian Customs” labels as part of our barcode label service. This service is intended to provide high-quality, sequentially barcoded, bunches of labels for cargo code and customs code users (e.g. couriers, truckers, and customs brokers) at a cheap price. Label service of Barcode Graphics provides fast response (2-3 day turnaround, 1 day RUSH service) and courier delivery anywhere in North America.

PARS and PAPS Labels

These B3 labels are Canada Customs Approved, manufactured as per specifications and are quality checked before dispatch (achieving ISO/ANSI ‘A’ grade). Labels of Barcode Graphics’ B3 are produced through the means of high resolution thermal transfer printers. Only high quality label stock and ribbons are used, they do not smudge or smear (unlike some low cost labels). B3 labels come in Canada Customs size and are offered in rolls or strips.

This service is a part of Barcode Graphics’ line of barcode EPS/PDF barcode masters, barcoded labels, verifiers, scanners and consulting services.

Barcode Graphics offers the PARS barcode labels and PAPS labels together. The tags we provide are utilized by the Canadian and US Customs to detect and release the consignment. The process of clearance of commercial import/export shipments in both countries is quite similar. Nonetheless, the Canada Border Services Agency uses PARS whereas US Customs and Border Protection inspects PAPS. The PARS label allows Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to confirm the information as submitted by the importer or customs broker at release and thereby facilitates duty free importation of goods into Canada. We observe correct policies and practices to give you correct and affordable Canada Customs labels. The release of goods can be made faster when our PARS barcode labels are employed. The barcode labels we manufacture are of superior material and are easily scanned. You can purchase our Canada and US regulatory-compliant labels at the reasonable prices. If you are an importer, exporter or manufacturer, then get the right type of label from us.

Streamline Your Customs Process with PARS Barcode Labels

Introduction: The clearance of customs in an effective manner is a critical factor for businesses that engage in trade across the globe. An effective shortcut for speeding up the process can be via usage of PARS barcode labels. We are experts at Barcode Graphics when it comes to offering the best Canadian customs friendly PARS labels. This article would take a look at the importance of PARS barcode labels and how they help in simplifying your cargo clearance process.

What Are PARS Barcode Labels?

Pre-Arrival Review System or PARS is a program set up by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to ease the process of customs clearance of the goods that are getting into Canada. One of the important parts of this system is the PARS barcode labels which are meant to optimize the effectiveness and precision of the customs’ operations.

The Advantages of PARS Barcode Labels:

  1. Speedy Clearance: Labels PARS enable customs officers to easily identify and process the cargo, which results in fewer delays and therefore makes the border crossing smoother.

  2. Accuracy: PARS labels automate data entry, thus reducing the possibility of errors in customs documentation and consequently less inspection-related complications.

  3. Cost Savings: Efficient customs clearance will result in less storage and demurrage costs, making a positive impact on your bottom line.

Customized Solutions at Barcode Graphics:

We know that each shipment is one of a kind at Barcode Graphics. This is why we have customizable PARS bar code labels to suit your needs. Our labels are capable to comply with CBSA requirements regardless of the kind of goods being shipped; perishable, hazardous, or standard cargo.

Why Choose Barcode Graphics for Your PARS Labels?

  1. Expertise: Having had years of practice in the area, we know well the customs’ rules and demands in Canada.

  2. Quality Assurance: Our PARS barcode labels are produced following the highest quality standards to guarantee both legibility and durability.

  3. Customization: We provide various label sizes, materials and printing options to customize your PARS labels to your cargo and branding.

  4. Customer Support: Our customer support team is committed to helping you with any queries or clarifications, thus providing a seamless ordering procedure.

In the field of international trade, smooth customs clearance is the difference between approval or denial of your deliveries. You have only to invest in PARS barcode labels from Barcode Graphics, and the process will not only be expedited but also the risk of costly delays and mistakes will be significantly reduced. Do the right thing for your business and choose us as your PARS labeling needs partner. To know more about how our tailor-made solutions can help your cargo clearance operation, contact us today.


What is a PARS barcode label or PARS label?

PARS barcode labels is another name used to refer to Pre-Arrival Review System labels , which are also stickers W attached to cargos destined for Canada. CBSA requires some important details printed on these tags for customs clearance procedures.

What is the usual content of PARS barcode labels?

The information printed on PARS barcode labels usually consists of the name of the carrier and their identification number, the PARS number assigned by the carrier or customs broker, the origin of the shipment, the destination, type of content and any other information needed for the customs clearance.

What is the use of PARS barcode labels?

The presence of PARS barcode labels is an essential prerequisite for simplifying the customs clearance of commodities entering Canada. They supply CBSA officers with pertinent details of the shipment allowing faster and more effective release processes.

Who provides PARS barcode labels?

PARS barcode labels are usually applied to goods destined for Canada by the carrier or the customs broker. They make sure that labels are generated correctly and attached to the shipments and even before the shipments reach the border.

How are PARS barcode labels created?

PARS barcode labels are typically generated electronically by the carrier or customs broker using respectitive software or systems that are CBSA compliant. Then, the labels are printed and put on the shipment’s paperwork or packaging.

Are PARS barcode labels applicable for other uses?

Although PARS barcode labels are made for Canadian customs clearance but some carriers or logistics companies may have their own internal tracking and documentation systems, which are pretty much similar. But, some of the labels may not be in compliance with CBSA standards.

What are the advantages of utilizing PARS barcode labels?

Using PARS barcode labels offers several benefits, including:

  1. Expedited customs clearance: Shipments with accurate PARS information are processed fast by CBSA officers.
  2. Reduced delays and associated costs: Smooth customs clearances enable a faster process at the border and therefore minimize storage and demurrage costs.
  3. Enhanced visibility and tracking: PARS labels give smooth details of the goods movement across the border for the better tracking and control of the shipments.

Are there any particular specifications or rules for PARS barcode labels?

Indeed, PARS barcode labels should be in line with CBSA’s obligations as to label’s layout, information, and positions. To avoid customs clearance delays, the carriers and customs brokers must see to it that the labels are correctly created and applied as per these specifications

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