Barcode Verification Best Practices for Compliance and Accuracy

Barcode Verification Best Practices for Compliance and Accuracy


Barcode verification is an essential part of many supply chains. It’s important to verify that a barcode on a product matches the code entered by a user or scanned by a device. But if you’re doing this manually, there are steps you can take to make it easier and more efficient. In this post, we’ll show you our best practices for barcode verification so you can get the most out of your software while staying compliant with regulations.

Know your code type.

Size up the barcode.

Barcode Verification Best Practices

Check for quality marks.

Once you’ve scanned the barcode, check for quality marks. These are usually found on the left side of the code and indicate that it’s been successfully read by a scanner. They’ll also tell you which version of the code was used in its creation, as well as its encoding scheme and error correction level (ECL).

If any of these elements don’t match up with what they should be according to industry standards, then your reading may not be accurate.

Read the entire code to verify it is correct.

Verify visually before scanning.

A barcode is only as good as the scanner used to read it. So, before you scan a bar and send it off for processing, make sure that the code is readable.

You can verify visually with a magnifying glass or microscope–or if you’re lucky enough to have one handy, use your smartphone camera (with macro mode enabled) or tablet screen instead of buying additional equipment. If you don’t have access to any of these devices, try using handheld scanners like those found at self-checkout lanes in supermarkets and pharmacies; they allow users to see what they are scanning while also providing them with instant feedback on whether or not there was any error during reading process

Use a reliable scanner, even on mobile devices.

Using a reliable scanner is the first step in ensuring that your barcode data is accurate and compliant. The following are some best practices for selecting a barcode scanner:

Use these best practices to verify barcodes correctly and efficiently

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