About Barcode Graphics

About Barcode Graphics

BGI produces specification/regulatory compliant, precision EPS/PDF graphics.  Support services include barcode compliance testing, barcode print quality testing, barcode consulting, and package design review.  As well, BGI produces labels using thermal transfer, sheet laser, and continuous color laser printing technologies.

Founded in 1982, Barcode Graphics Inc (BGI) established itself as the principle source for precision barcode masters, and is now Canada’s largest barcode services specialist.

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In 2004, BGI added Nutritional Graphic services to its offerings, through the Nutrifacts Graphics division.  Nutrifacts Graphics provides Nutrition Facts graphics instantly in both EPS and PDF file formats, for both the U.S. and Canadian jurisdictions.  Available Display Surface (ADS) Reports are also available through this service (for those trying to select the cialis generisches smallest permitted Canadian Nutrition Facts format).

BGI also offers testing/consulting and support services through the ScanRight division.  The testing/consulting services include providing ISO/ANSI Barcode Certification and ScanRightRx corrective action reports.  Support services include seminars, and on-site training.  BGI works closely with retailers, manufacturers, packaging producers, consultants, and trade associations.

BGI also distributes a range of ISO/ANSI Barcode Verification equipment, and autoID equipment and software.

BGI holds several patents that relate to barcode QA, barcode workflow integration, barcode compliance testing, and barcode autoID.


Email or call Barcode Graphics Inc at 1-800-CODENOW to learn more about how our barcode services, nutrition facts graphics, package review services, software & equipment will meet your requirements, and beat your expectations.