Barcode Products & Services

Barcode Graphics Services

1D and 2D Barcode Graphics for Consumer Packaged Goods Retail, Warehousing, Logistics, GS1 Initiatives, UDI, Track&Trace, QR codes. QA Testing, Compliance Testing

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Nutrition Facts Services

Reg. Compliant Can./U.S. graphics.
All Formats of NFTs and NFPs!
Available Display Surface (ADS) Analysis, Package Reviews

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Label Services

Labels with: Barcodes, Nutrition Facts, Ingredients, Logos,...    Rolls/Sheets/Strips, Low Price, High-Quality, Fast Turn-Around, Color, Specialty Stocks, Over-Lamination

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Graphics, Services & Equipment from Barcode Graphics Inc

Barcode Graphics, Inc. (BGI) is your partner for Barcode graphics, Nutrition Facts graphics and services, Barcode Certification , Labels, and more. Over 35 years of industry experience working with designers, pre-media, retailers, consultancies,… playing a vital role in consumer packaged goods (CPG) world-wide. Our knowledge of regulations, standards, specifications & guidelines can help your company meet and exceed requirements. BGI are also specialists in designing systems that integrate with client workflows and systems. Rely on Barcode Graphics for instant service, quality deliverables, and unmatched customer focus.

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Barcode Label & QA Software

We distribute barcode labeling software for PC platforms. Ideal for ‘on-demand’ printing, these software packages can be used with thermal printers or laser printers. We provide assistance with training, custom designs, standards, certification, stocks, and estimating output capacity.

Barcode Graphics offers ScanRight™ barcode QA reporting software for Mac/PC platforms. Commercial printers can continuously monitor and generate PDF reports of ANSI/ISO barcode verifier readings (with Axicon™, and Webscan™ verifiers).

Barcode Verifiers, Printers, and Scanners

Barcode Graphics distributes a range of barcode equipment: barcode printers, barcode verifiers, barcode scanners, barcode labelling software, and barcoding software & solutions.

Barcode verifiers are used to ensure barcode quality during package printing. Barcode Graphics distributes, and trains in the use of, several ANSI/ISO barcode verifiers.


Call Barcode Graphics Inc at 1-800-CODENOW to learn more about how our barcode services, nutrition facts graphics, package review services, software & equipment will exceed your requirements and expectations.