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Axicon 7500 scanning SCC14 barcodes, micrometer and loop analysing barcodes for barcode complaince certificate, Axicon and ScanRight InHouse software running on Mac

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Webscan TruCheck™ Verifier Sample Reports

Webscan TruCheck™ verifier sample report image
Per Scan Analysis:
ANSI grades are shown for each of the 10
automatically collected scans
BWG Parameters:
Bar Width Growth

Print Contrast Signal

Minimum Reflectance Difference

Global Threshold:
Midpoint between RL/RD (Light & Dark)

"Tick Marks":
Indicate edge determination threshold from bar to space

Minimum Edge Contrast:
Shows edge between two elements which have the smallest difference in reflectance. This edge gives rise to the Minimum Edge Contrast and Modulation Parameter Grade.

Biggest Defect:
This element contains the largest non-uniformity in reflectivity which is "noise" for a reader.

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