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Label Matrix® is certified compatible for use with all versions of the Microsoft Vista operating system.

Registered users with versions 8.0 and above are encouraged to download the updates since there are also several database, design, printing and print driver enhancements included in the latest versions.

Free download updates of the label design software are available from Teklynx's Download Center under Files & Updates at:

Features and Summary

Whether you need to design and print barcode, compliance or RFID labels, LABEL MATRIX® 8's helpful design wizards give you an easy-to-use solution for any industry.

LABEL MATRIX 8 is the most powerful, easy-to-use RFID and label design software package in the industry. Its helpful design and database connection wizards, along with a simple interface, allow users to quickly design bar code, compliance or RFID labels. If you are looking for an easy-to-use, wizard driven software solution for UHF and HF RFID encoding and label design, the choice is simple -LABEL MATRIX from TEKLYNX.

With support for over 1000 thermal and thermal transfer (THT) printer drivers, as well as any Windows printer, you can maximize your printer's performance and print large runs of labels in a very short time. Whether you need to design and print address labels for your small business or thousands of inventory labels for a multi-site warehousing plant or RF tags to bring your barcode labeling operation into the next generation, LABEL MATRIX can do the job.

New Features in Version 8
Simplified RFID Label Printing
LABEL MATRIX 8 is RFID made simple – the easy solution for closed-loop RFID label printing to meet EPC and DoD compliance standards.
Easy-to-use interface and features for users printing and programming RFID tags.
Supports High Frequency (HF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) tags.
Graphical tag images can be used to appear as a watermark on labels to protect against
printing over and damaging RFID tags.
Enables read/write printers to read the data during printing to log the exact information
stored on each label.
Advanced Text Capabilities
New TextArt image type allows text to be “bent” at precise angles to fit a selected shape type
(ellipse, polygon, rectangle, etc.).
Create text in a circular arc for applications such as CD/DVD labeling in either a
clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.
Add unique borders, backgrounds, and formatting including custom spacing,
outlines or shadows.
Enhanced Database Connectivity
SQL Builder – Build custom database query expressions without having to know SQL.
Time Saving Features
Live Print Preview – View multiple labels at the same time and even edit individual labels in
the preview mode.
Expansion Variables – Allows shortcuts to be assigned for code in long expressions.
Bundle Save – Save all external attached files (graphics, text) with the label design in a
designated folder.
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Features and Editions Comparison Chart
Colour Code:

Print-only version
Network version
Keyless software activation
Live Print Preview (view multiple labels with “live” variable data displayed)
Label specific security
Over 100 compliance label templates
Label Background templates with round label formats
Automatic paragraph sizing and scale to fit
Bulleted & numbered lists with hanging indents
Graphic formats import (bmp, pcx, jpg, tif, etc.)
Color support
Linear bar code support
HIBC support
UCC/EAN 128 and MaxiCode wizards
2D bar code support
Extended 2D support including TLC39 and QR Code
TextArt Objects/RTF Editor
Keyboard entry at print time
Double entry (verification) ability
Pick List data entry
Data retrieved from a database file
Counters (serial numbers) with support for alpha/numeric
Counters with custom numbering abilities
Date and time stamping using multiple formats
Advanced math, string and logical functions
Expansion Variables (use code “shortcuts” in expressions)
Configure an ODBC/OLE DB data source
Sequential database access
Keyed database access
SQL query capability/SQL Query Builder Wizard
Retrieve data from unlimited number of databases per label
Includes separate Database Editor program
Data Grid for viewing database records
Directly edit database records in the Data Grid
Windows driver printer support
Support for over 1000 thermal and thermal transfer printers
Variable duplicate count from any origin
Stacked printing ability with multiple labels per page
Reverse the order of pages in a print job
Pocket LABEL MATRIX support
(0 license)
(1 license)
Directly modify printer code with Job Modifier
Automatic printing from a source database (AutoPrint)
Command line support
Export image and variable information to a data file (Write Data)
Save all external attached files with the label design (Bundle Save)
View & customize reports generated from label log files (Log Viewer)
Code Converter label conversion utility
Extended RFID Tag support
OLE Automation
Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)
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International Language Support
LABEL MATRIX is available in the following languages:
Dutch German
English Italian Spanish
French Polish
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Bar Code Support
Aztec Mesa
Code 128 Auto
Code 128A
Code 128B
Code 128C
Code 16k A
Code 16k Auto
Code 16k B
Code 16k C
Code 3 of 9
Code 39 Extended
Code 49

Code 93
Code 93 Extended
EAN-UCC Composite
Int 2 of 5
Micro PDF
MSI Plessey
QR Code (PowerPro Only)
RSS-14 Composite
UCC/EAN-128 Coupon Code - EAN13
UCC/EAN-128 Coupon Code - UPC-A
UPC-E: 11 digit
UPC-E0: 6 digit
UPC-E1:6 digit
Zip+4 Postnet

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Supported Printers
TEKLYNX prides itself on being the only bar code publishing software company with a truly global driver development team. With developers located in the USA, Canada and Europe, these teams work very closely with printer manufacturers from around the world to develop high quality drivers that optimize printer performance. With over 15 years of driver development experience, our capabilities allow us to meet local market needs while at the same time providing global solutions for our customers.

TEKLYNX supports over 1000 printers – giving users the widest range of thermal transfer or laser printers to choose from. So whether your needs are for enterprise-wide printing or a stand-alone solution, maximum throughput and maximum productivity are ensured because all printers are driven through their native language.

New Printer? No Problem.
Only TEKLYNX offers Driver Service Packs (DSP) via its web site, which enable systems integrators, resellers and end-users to update and add printer drivers free of charge via a simple Internet download, without software upgrades or complex install routines.

This is a major convenience for our customers because printer drivers can be updated or added on the fly as new drivers are developed or enhanced. With the DSP, TEKLYNX can update or enhance a driver, test it, and have new drivers available for download and install in just a matter of days. This is particularly important as RFID technology evolves and standards are implemented since TEKLYNX customers can update RFID tags and printers as soon as they become available in the market.

These global advantages allow us to more easily collaborate with our reseller partners and our customers to solve their problems quickly and provide better all-around service, making TEKLYNX the right choice to meet the bar code and RFID label printing needs of today's global companies.
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System Requirements
Supported Operating
Windows® 98 SE, Windows® ME, Windows® NT 4.0, Windows® 2000 or Windows® XP
IBM-compatible PC, Pentium 133 or better

64 MB RAM with Windows® 98 or Windows® Me (128 MB recommended)
128 MB RAM with Windows® NT 4.0, Windows® 2000 or Windows® XP
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • (256 MB recommended)
512 MB RAM with Windows® Server 2003 (1 GB recommended)
Display Resolution:
VGA monitor or better
Hard Disk:
25-50 MB free disk space, depending on the options you choose to install
CD-ROM drive
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Download PDF Brochures
Label Matrix 8.0 Datasheet
size: 1.7MB.
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