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Canadian Available Display Surface (ADS) Analysis

Sample Available Display Surface ADS Report

In order to select the smallest permissible Canadian NFT for a food package, Available Display Surface (ADS) must be determined. Our ADS Report is based on the package's dieline and provides the following in PDF format:

  • a summary of Continuous Surface dimensions, shapes and areas
  • Gross ADS (the sum of the above areas)
  • the barcode dimensions and area
  • Final ADS (Gross ADS minus barcode area)
  • the size of all NFT formats and sub-formats in a class (i.e. standard, simplified, dual, etc)
  • %ADS for all NFTs in the class and indication of those that satisfy the '15%' rule
  • a summary of the NFTs that fit package panels as well as their orientations
  • one-click WebLinks to order any viable and permitted NFT

This service complements Barcode Graphics’ line of Nutrition services. Barcode Graphics also supplies EPS/PDF barcode masters, barcoded labels, barcode verifiers, scanners and consulting services. To get more information on these and other services provided by Barcode Graphics, contact us at 800-263-3669.


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