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Canadian Nutrition Facts Tables (NFTs)

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Barcode Graphics Inc (BGI), Canada's largest barcode services provider, offers Canadian Nutrition Facts Tables (NFTs) through the NutrifactsGraphics division.

Manufacturers, consultants, designers, and prepress operations can utilize our web server to generate most of the NFT formats outlined in the Canadian Food and Drug Regulations.

The BGI Web Server provides graphics by e-mail in EPS, BMP and PDF file formats. All calculations necessary to produce the table entries are performed by the server. The system is tailored to the needs of manufacturers, consultants, designers and prepress operations.

To complement our NFT service, BGI also offers ADS Analysis Service. Our ADS Reports are driven by customer supplied Adobe Illustrator package designs, or PDF dielines, (supplied by the client via e-mail). These reports calculate ADS per government regulations/guidelines and provides a list of the NFT formats which are permitted on the package.

Manufacturers, consultants, designers, and prepress operations will find the BGI NFT Service a great way to cut costs, speed design time, guarantee compliance to Health Canada/CFIA regulations, and eliminate human-error. Manufacturers can use the server's database to store/manage nutrient information and produce NFT graphics, instantly and inexpensively.

This service complements Barcode Graphics’ line of Nutrition services. Barcode Graphics also supplies EPS/PDF barcode masters, barcoded labels, barcode verifiers, scanners and consulting services. To get more information on these and other services provided by Barcode Graphics, contact us at 800-263-3669.


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