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CheckSpread™ In-Symbol Test Pattern

Barcode Graphics Inc., a leading barcode services specialist, is pleased to offer CheckSpread™, a patented in-symbol test pattern.

In response to the need for improved barcode print quality, Barcode Graphics Inc. developed the CheckSpread™ In-Symbol Test Pattern. The test pattern clearly indicates whether the barcode has exceeded tolerances on press. It measures ink spread at the location of the barcode, (not ink spread at the colour bar). It can be used to measure slur and whether the barcode line-width-reduction (LWR) was chosen correctly. It does not impact the scannability of the barcode, nor does it take up valuable package real-estate. It is simple to use and does not require a verifier (though we also recommend using a verifier for QC). CheckSpread™ can be used on web presses to monitor tolerances during the run without waiting for the roll to finish (assuming the press is equipped with an inspection station).

This service complements Barcode Graphics’ existing line of barcode EPS files, barcoded labels, verification and consulting services.

Or barcodes can also contain our patented integrated CheckInSpec™ technology; an integrated preflight checking system. Verifiers are recommended as an adjunct to CheckInSpec™ and CheckSpread™.

Barcode EPS/PDF orders can be delivered via Internet E-mail or FTP instantly when order on-line.


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