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ScanRightRx™ Corrective Action Analysis

Sample ScanRightRx™ Corrective Action Report

ScanRightRx™ barcode analysis is a new QC service which complements Barcode Graphics' ScanRight™ Compliance Certificates service. ScanRightRx™ assists designers, printers, film-houses and manufacturers by not only diagnosing barcode problems, but also supplying detailed corrective action analysis for all barcode problems. ScanRightRx™ reports include a detailed written analysis that identifies each of the barcode's problems, a micrograph illustration of each of the problems, and a corrective action prescription for each problem. An ANSI reflectance profile that graphically displays the scanners view of the barcode is also provided.

This service complements Barcode Graphics' existing line of barcode EPS files, barcoded labels, verifiers, scanners and consulting services.


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