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Instant On-Line EPS & PDF Barcode Masters

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Barcode Graphics Inc, Canada's leading barcode services specialist, provides EPS (Encapsulated PostScript®) and PDF Barcode Masters. Orders can be placed, paid, and delivered on-line instantly.

Fast turnaround, quality barcodes, low price, and quality service are all Barcode Graphics' hallmarks.

PDF and EPS Barcode Masters can be used with confidence in documents created with any desktop software (Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, etc.)

Masters provided by Barcode Graphics Inc are backed by over 25 years experience and E&O Insurance.

Barcode Graphics' barcodes are produced using proprietary software. Barcodes can contain CheckSpread™; an integrated spread gauge which allows easy monitoring of ink-spread on-press without a barcode verifier.

In addition to CheckSpread™ Barcode Graphics recommends the use of ISO/ANSI Barcode Verifiers. These devices are essential QA tools.

• Low price
• Order desk support and/or courtesy order-entry: No Extra Charge
• Phone consulting (symbology, applications, standards, compliance): No Extra Charge
• Patented CheckSpread™ integrated spread gauge: No Extra Charge
• Errors & Omissions Insurance : No Extra Charge
• All widely used symbologies available
• All symbologies are standards compliant

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