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Barcode Colour Contrast Analysis

Sample Colour Contrast Analysis Report

Barcode Graphics, a leading barcode services specialist, is pleased to announce a new and improved UPC barcode quality control service for UPC barcode bar/background Colour Contrast Analysis (CCA).

This service is designed to provide the customer with an in-depth written analysis. The CCA report displays the "Print Contrast Signal" (PCS), ANSI "Symbol Contrast" (SC), and ANSI "Reflectance Minimum" (Rmin) measured by two different verifier devices. The report is faxed to the customer immediately upon completion. The Barcode Graphics UPC CCA can be used to document colours considered during package design/development and can be produced from customer supplied Pantone™ numbers or ink draw-downs on sample substrates.

Due to the stringent penalties imposed by retailers and manufacturers, and the growing need to document operations (i.e. ISO 9000, Q1, CheckSpread™ barcode insurance, etc); printers, designers and desk-top publishers should find this a valuable service.

This service complements Barcode Graphics' existing line of barcode EPS/PDF files, barcoded labels, verifiers, scanners and consulting services.


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