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ScanRight™ Barcode Compliance Certification

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In response to the need for accurate, reliable, third-party barcode compliance testing, we offer ScanRight™ Compliance Certification. Our barcode compliance certificates are produced using Axicon, QuickCheck™, WebScan, and RJS AutoScan II ANSI compliant barcode verifiers. These verifiers produce reflectance profiles, are backed by manufacturer certificates of compliance, and are calibrated from NIST traceable ANSI Calibration Standards.

Retailers/manufacturers currently require that POS barcodes (i.e. UPC, and EAN) achieve ANSI "C" grade or better. Most food retailers require a Final Certificate Of Compliance before listing a product for sale. ScanRight™ also offers detailed MH10 pallet-label certification.

Printers and manufacturers use ScanRight™ certificates to confirm that their packaging complies with standards and other requirements. The Axicon, WebScan and RJS AutoScan II verifiers are used to produce Interim Certificates Of Compliance on film separations, digital plates and pre-press proofs. Reflectance profiles can be provided with our ScanRight™ certificates, which are very effective when diagnosing problems and determining corrective action. Many retailers also have pallet-label requirements, and so ScanRight™ offers detailed MH10 certification as well.

Pricing for POS barcode certification is $15.00 per certificate. MH10 certificates are $35-$50 each.


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