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Founded in 1982, Barcode Graphics Inc (BGI) is Canada's largest barcode services specialist.

BGI produces Barcode Masters in EPS and PDF format for use in consumer packaging. Barcode Graphics also produces barcoded labels using thermal transfer and laser printing technology.

Barcode Graphics distributes a range of ANSI verification test equipment as well as offering testing / consulting / support services through its ScanRight division. The testing / consulting services include providing ANSI/ISO barcode verifier certification and corrective action. Support services include seminars, and on-site training. BGI works closely with retailers, manufacturers, packaging producers, consultants, and trade associations.

In 2004, Barcode Graphics added Mandatory Nutritional Labeling services to its offerings, through its Nutrifacts Graphics division.  The Nutrifacts Graphics web server produces Nutrition Facts graphics instantly in both EPS and PDF file formats. The server performs all necessary calculations to determine Nutrition Facts values (i.e. serving scaling, nutrient rounding, % daily value, declare as 0 g/mg, nutrient content claims, and vitamin/mineral nutrient content claims). Available Display Surface PDF Reports are also available through the same server.

Barcode Graphics holds several patents that relate to barcode QA, barcode workflows, barcode certification, and barcode autoID.

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